Saturday, 25 February 2012

Oliver Webb Interview

Webb had a great year in British F3 in 2010
Rising star Oliver Webb kindly took time out of his busy Indy Lights shedule to do a quick Q & A with me about the challenges he will face this year.

Dominik Wilde - So you’re moving over to compete in America this year. What do you think will be the biggest challenge this year?
Oliver Webb - The new form of racing in Indy Lights will include many challenges that I haven't come across yet including Ovals, this will be the biggest challenge in the new race series, there are also limited amounts of road courses as street circuits fill the rest of the calendar.

DW - What are the similarities and differences between the Indy Lights car and the WSR car you drove in 2011?

OW - The IndyLights car is a similar size and weight however doesn't have the aerodynamic capabilities that a WSR had, the Indy Lights however in a straight line can do 210mph around an oval which a WSR could not.

DW - You performed well on your few outings in the states last year. Did it take much time to adjust or did the new car and environment come easy to you?

OW - It was hard to adjust but my first race we got a podium and it went very well, this was aided by the fact it was more like a road course and it was a double header race weekend which gave me more time on track.

DW - Oval racing is something new to you. How does it compare to circuit racing besides the obvious? Does it require a different approach or mind set?

OW - It is a very different type of racing, very close very easy to make a mistake and very mentally challenging, it is also a game of patience and picking your moments as the slightest wrong move can put you at the back of the field.

DW - What’s the aim for this year then Oli?
OW - The main aim is to try and win the championship and be consistently on the podium to set an impression for the Indycar teams and F1 teams.

DW - What’s the ultimate ambition for you, F1 or Indy Car?

OW - Both, obviously I am committed over here now and IndyCar may be my route however F1 is always on the cards if we come back to Europe.

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