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Gabby Chaves Interview - Red Bull GRC Washington DC Presented By Volkswagen 2015

In an off weekend for the Verizon IndyCar Series, 2014 Indy Lights champion Gabby Chaves made his way to Washington DC to help out his Bryan Herta Autosport team, who runs cars in Red Bull Global Rallycross and GRC Lites under the Bryan Herta Rally Sport banner.

Following the conclusion of the weekend's activities, we spoke to the Colombian to get his views on his first year in IndyCar, Red Bull GRC, and the possibility of racing rallycross in the future.

Gabby Chaves Interview



Dominik Wilde: So you're here on an off weekend with Bryan Herta your IndyCar team, of course very successful in this series, what do you think of Global Rallycross?

Gabby Chaves: I love it. I drove the car a few weeks ago and I really wanted to come out to a race and I had the opportunity when Bryan asked if I could come and help out the team for the weekend and maybe do some driver coaching as well for Collete [Davis, GRC Lites driver]. So a perfect opportunity, a nice off weekend and for me there's no better way to spend it than at a race track.

Dominik Wilde: You mentioned you drove the car, what are your impressions? I know it's so different but how does it compare to the IndyCar?

Gabby Chaves: I'd say the IndyCar is more built for speed, the aerodynamics, everything is so refined, it just seems like it's so advanced and then you take the rallycross car and it just feels so raw. It just feels untamed, it feels like it's out of control but at the same time you are in control of the car and it's just so fun to drive and it's so competitive. They have the wheels running wheel to wheel every lap, every corner, a mix of different surfaces and terrain, it's just fantastic. It really puts all your skills to the test and it's a really big challenge for the drivers which is a lot of fun.

Dominik Wilde: With the links to the team and the experience behind the wheel, what are the chances of us seeing you in a Red Bull Global Rallycross race sometime in the future?
Gabby Chaves: (Laughs) I don't know man but I would hope so! I definitely wouldn't discard it, it's definitely a possibility and I'm more than open to try and get out and take in a proper race weekend. 

Dominik Wilde: Now, there's not long left in your season, it's been your first full year in IndyCar, how has it gone for you?

Gabby Chaves: Yeah we've had our ups and downs, we knew there would be some growing pains being a rookie, being a one car team, we expected that and we've dealt through our issues, we've progressed through them and I think we're just about to kind of breakthrough that barrier that puts us at the next step and try to look for those top-five finishes consistently. We've kind of been knocking at that door, we've been in there, we've raced there, we haven't finished there yet but I think we're just about to break through that barrier which is where we want to end this season.

Dominik Wilde: Any word on plans for next year? I know it's early but with the IndyCar season finishing so early I imagine there's already been some talks about that one?

Gabby Chaves: Yeah we're already working on next year, we've had some good meetings and hopefully we can wrap things up and it would make for a happy off-season.

Image: IndyCar Media

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