Friday, 11 July 2014

Formula E Test Quotes with Scott Speed, Lucas Di Grassi and Jerome D'Ambrosio

FIA Forula E had it's first ever full test session on July 3. Here's what three of the drivers had to say about the first day.



Scott Speed

"The noise is the biggest thing, it's massively different. Not being able to hear the RPM really and the way the power band is it makes shifting quite difficult because there's no real point to shift on and maybe the weight because it's got so much weight in the back and the handling of the car is maybe a little bit different than normal."

"There's so many different ways to run the brake system with the regen and how much engine power do you want to use to slow down, and, there's all kinds of stuff to do so it'll take a while before everyone gets a real handle on it."


Lucas Di Grassi

"All the other things you've seen, the videos, was with a small battery so very limited power. So now we have full power, it's more than twice the power I drove, I'm very happy to drive in a proper racing circuit and with the car at full performance. It was fun, a lot of fun."

"It doesn't, it doesn't. It's very different, it's something unique but there's still a lot of performance, for people that have no idea, these cars are much quicker on a race track than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and that's pure performance coming out of the 300 horsepower electric motor, the downforce and the grip level so it's quite a good racing car."



Jerome D'Amrosio

"Well it's been fairly smooth for me, we had no issues with the car and the car handles very good. I think chassis-wise it's really good and engine-wise it's pretty good too. To have to work with the recovery is different, it's a different reference in the car because you don't have the noise, you don't have all these things, but you get used to it pretty quickly and the car's really good, I really like it."

"No. No, I think in terms of being a single seater and everything, the handling is quite straight forward, it's pretty good, but then engine-wise it doesn't compare at all. I mean, in the end you drive very similar in the driving style but all the information you get and all the references again are very different." 


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