Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Motorsport stars hit the big screen

Three IndyCar drivers will lend their voices to Dreamworks Animation's new feature film 'Turbo'

Dario Franchitti, Will Power and Mario Andretti will all make cameo appearances in the film which follows a garden snail who dreams of competing in the Indianapolis 500.

Franchitti, who also acted as a technical consultant to the film, plays the part of a journalist, as does his on track rival Will Power.

"We went through a bunch of different scenarios" Describes Power "One was a bus driver, one was in a driver's meeting and one was a reporter. I'm thrilled; I made the cut."

Former Formula One and IndyCar champion Mario Andretti voices a member of the Speedway Safety Patrol and he was very happy to be part of the film.

"I welcomed the opportunity obviously to be part of it to some degree. Just to be part of it in a cameo I think is wonderful."

'Turbo' is released in the UK on October 18th. It stars Ryan Reynolds in the lead role as well as Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez and Snoop Dog, amongst others.

Watch the official trailer for 'Turbo' HERE

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