Sunday, 8 April 2012

Interview with WTCC racer James Nash

WTCC Star and one of Britain's top racing drivers, James Nash, took time out of his busy schedule to do a quick interview for DW motorsport.

Q - For 2012 you've moved to the WTCC with Team AON. How big a step up from BTCC is this? Was it hard to adjust?

A - It wasn't hard to adjust because the chassis use the S2000 shell that I have been used to in BTCC for the last 3 years, the biggest change has been regulations and understanding the FIA. 

Q - How does the WTCC Focus compare to you Vectra from BTCC?
James was BTCC Indy champion in 2011

A - The Focus is still in development so we have a long way to go but the team work well so I'm pretty sure we'll sort something out quickly.

Q - You're 4 races into the WTCC season, what are the differences on track? do you prefer the racing in WTCC or BTCC?

A - It was difficult adjusting to new tracks, however I'm always keen to learn and experience different things, so its a nice change!

Q - What are your long term aims in the WTCC?

A - Long term aim without a doubt will be to win the championship

Q - Do you ever see yourself returning to the BTCC?

James now races a Ford in the WTCC
A - I don't think I will ever return to BTCC, I have taken a step up to move on to do better things

Q - Are there any other racing series' that you'd like to participate in outside of touring cars?

A - I would love to be a part of Le Mans, that's where I see my future

Q - And finally, what's your biggest career ambition?

A - My biggest career ambition would be to win a world championship, I'll get there one day!! 

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